January 26, 2022
MIT Zoom
America/New_York timezone

The recently inaugurated subMIT computing facility is a login pool that is designed to provide access to the basic research computing resources of the physics department and beyond.

We would like to invite members of the physics department and their friends to take note and consider our offer to help to get set up and start attacking your hardest computing challenges. We are collecting input for problems for our one-day workshop on January 26, 2022  and hope you will register for this workshop. The detailed agenda can be found here.

The workshop will present a number of in depth examples of more experienced users and includes detailed explanation and discussion of applications of new or simply interested users. If you have a specific computing intensive task you want to resolve even on the time scale of the workshop or if you are interested to purchase hardware and include it into the existing system, please send an email to <submit-help@mit.edu>.

Date: Wednesday, January 26 from 10am to 5pm

Location: zoom link

Github: subMIT repositories

Who is invited: anybody is invited to come and contribute
Organizers: Paul Acosta, Chad Freer, Max Goncharov, Christoph Paus, Zhangqier Wang

MIT Zoom
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Registration for this event is currently open.