CERN meets Baltic industry (virtual)

Adomas Jelinskas, Daniel Schoerling (CERN), Lauma Muizniece, Robert Aare, Toms Torims (Riga Technical University (LV))

CERN meets Baltic industry

Overall purpose of the event

Event will be happening via Zoom platform.

Overall objective of this CERN meets Baltic industry event is to facilitate direct exchanges between Baltic industries, companies, stakeholders, and CERN experts. 

This virtual meeting will form a solid basis for the CERN Baltic Road Show in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the Baltic Industry Days at CERN in 2022.

This will allow to enhance the understanding and knowledge regarding existing industrial companies and to identify the new prospective ones for the cooperation with CERN.

This shall increase multilateral knowledge on "who is who" and "who is doing what" in CERN and Baltic States. Thus, facilitate meaningful participation of Baltic Companies in the CERN procurement and to help to ensure balanced return for the Baltic Countries.


It is organised by the Baltic Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs), CERN and CERN Baltic Group. 

Role of the CERN Baltic Group is to help to build bridges between Baltic CERN scientific community and relevant industries as well as to ensure closed integration between research institutions and national industries at Baltic level.