May 16 – 20, 2022
Europe/Brussels timezone


This training will offer students and professionals working on radiation physics problems a beginner's introduction to the various functions and attributes of FLUKA, a general-purpose code for the Monte Carlo simulation of radiation transport in complex geometries. The functionalities of the completely revised user interface Flair3 will also be introduced. The event is organized by the FLUKA collaboration @ CERN and collaborating institutes.

Local organisation has been possible thanks to the kind support of the University of Brussels, in particular Cédric Hernalsteens and Nicolas Pauly.


The course will be taking place on 16 -20 May from 8:30 to 17:30 CET.

Training fee

The registration fee amounts to 400 CHF. An additional fee of 1000 CHF is requested for commercial users (1400 CHF total).

Registration procedure

In order to provide an optimal level of interactivity and support, participation  is limited to 35 participants. In case this limit is exceeded during the registration stage, a waiting list will be set up.

Registration can be started by filling in and submitting the registration form. After explicit approval, you will receive information about the payment.

Registrations will only be considered complete after proof of payment is received.

Please make arrangements for payment as soon as you receive the explicit registration approval message. Starting from the approval of your registration, two weeks will be allocated to complete the payment. After this, if any of the accepted registrations are not yet completed with the corresponding fee payment (see below), people from the waiting list will be allowed to proceed with the payment to validate their registration. In case you anticipate a delay in the payment, please contact the organisers as soon as possible.

The following payment options will be available:

  • CERN participants: ask your group secretary to get in touch with the SY-STI administrative officer to set up the transfer.
  • Credit card payment : Keep in mind that credit card companies charge a processing fee of about 2.5% (Visa and Mastercard) or about 3.7% (American Express). NB: if you need an invoice for reimbursement by your home institution, the CC option should be avoided in favor of the bank transfer below.
  • Bank transfer : If you want to pay with a bank transfer, contact us via email. We will provide you with the payment details and the pro-forma invoice.
    • NB: Multiple participants from the same institute can be treated at once

Registration is considered complete only after proof of payment is received. In case of anticipated payment delay, contact the organizers as soon as possible.

The number of participants is limited to 35. Acceptance will be on a first come / first served basis. In case the limit on the number of participants is exceeded, a waiting list will be set up.

Please make arrangements for payment as soon as you get the respective details, no later than 17 April 2022. After this date, if any of the accepted registrations are not yet completed by the corresponding fee payment (see below), people from the waiting list will be allowed to proceed in turn through the fee payment to validate their registration.


Accommodation is NOT included in the course fee.

Participants looking to book rooms for the week are advised to look to hotels below. They are ideally located, close to the university and to public transport to the city centre.

- IBIS Châtelain :

- Hotel Barsey by Warwick :


Prior Knowledge

No particular experience with FLUKA or similar Monte-Carlo packages is required. However, basic knowledge of LINUX/UNIX is necessary, as well as reasonably fluent use of a plain-text editor and the ability to navigate through a file tree. For newcomers, not only to FLUKA but also to Linux, we strongly recommend to have a look into a Linux tutorial in order to be able to profit at maximum from the FLUKA course.


Participants are expected to verify beforehand that FLUKA 4-2 and Flair 3.1 have been installed on their machines under either Linux or Windows (WSL) and are up and running so that they can participate in the hands-on and exercise sessions. Further instructions will follow.


The organisers may be contacted at

Avenue Paul Héger 22 1050 Brussels


  • It is your responsibility when travelling or transiting on your journey to ensure that you have valid passports, visas and re-entry permits which meet the official requirements of countries you visit. We recommend that your passport has at least 6 months validity from the last stopover point.
  • Any cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances will lead to the reimbursement of the fee. CERN and ULB are not liable for any reimbursement of the student's travel arrangements in that case.