Jun 22 – 25, 2022
ICHCVT "Stavros Niarchos"
Europe/Athens timezone

pre-SUSY 2022:
School on Supersymmetry
and Unification of Fundamental forces

June 22 - 25, 2022, University of Ioannina, Greece

A pre-SUSY pedagogical lecture school, with a duration of three and a half days, will precede the conference from Wednesday 22 June to Saturday 25 June, 2022.

The aim of the school is to  introduce advanced undergraduate, graduate,PhD students and postdocs into specialized topics  of particle physics and cosmology as well as to mathematical physics related to Supersymmetry. The program will contain 3hrs lectures in the morning, 2hrs in the afternoon plus ample time for extra discussions and questions in between and after the lectures.

Pre-SUSY Speakers & Program

  • Carlo Angelantonj (Univ. of Turin):
    Introduction to String and Superstring Theory [4hrs]
  • Herbert Dreiner (Univ. of Bonn):
    Introduction to Supersymmetry and MSSM [4hrs]
  • John Ellis (King's College London & CERN):
    History of Supersymmetry [1hr]
  • Mark Goodsell (LPTHE,Paris):
    The Supersymmetric Higgs Boson(s) [3hrs]
  • James Halverson (Northeastern Univ.):
    Machine Learning in High Energy Theory [2hrs]
  • Alex Kehagias (NTUA, Athens):
    Cosmological Implications of Supergravity [3hrs]
  • Anastasios Petkou (Univ. of Thessaloniki):
    Introduction to AdS/CFT and Holography [3hrs]
ICHCVT "Stavros Niarchos"
Main Auditorium
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