March 5, 2022
America/Puerto_Rico timezone

Analyzing and visualizing datasets in plots can help understand them and communicate their meaning to others whether one is doing a lab course or research. Matplotlib is the standard when it comes to making such plots.  It comprises of a comprehensive library for creating static, animated, and interactive visualizations using Python. This tutorial gives students a hands-on experience of versatility and functionality of Matplotlib to produce plots. It will provide explanations and demonstration of interactive examples and enable students to use this knowledge in their future projects. This outreach software training event is part of "IRIS-HEP Training and Outreach" program

This event was done in two parts 5 March and 19 March 2022


This is a virtual event, held wherever you are, with a cup of tea, an espresso, a nice grape soda, or a frothy mug of beer. Tune in and learn!
Registration for this event is currently open.