November 9, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone

HEPTrepreneurs is the online series of events organised by HEPTech in collaboration with GSI, CERN and Anchored-In  dedicated to all members and partners of the network. The series focusses of High Energy Physics Entrepreneurship and covers various themes. The inspirational and interactive talks, round tables and keynotes are made for all those interested in entrepreneurship, but also for young people who want to know more about alternatives careers to research and for technology transfer officers looking for people to inspire. The meetings will include a presentation, a Q&A session and a networking event (as well if held online).


HEPTrepreneurs Episode 10


Type: Interactive talk

Title: How to write a business plan

Speaker: Ian Tracey


This workshop aims at understanding the way a business plan is written in order to connect with investors: what information they need in order to decide if investing on your project? How to present this information to them in the most effective way? We will help you understand the journey from initial meeting till the money is obtained. 


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Meeting ID: 628 2241 3810
Passcode: 28213924




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