SoC Committee Meeting


- Membership matters
- SoM questionnaire
- News on SoC and Linux, i.e. common operating system?
- News on SoC and system administration, i.e. boot, network, security?
- Next SoC interest group meeting

1) Membership:
    - Hamza and Adrian (absent today) joined the committee; Mamta left (she left CERN).
2) SoM survey:
    - Anonymous, or institute/contact; add question; explain in accompanying email, could help to exchange experience between groups.
    - Result is not a recommended SoM manufacturer, but rather a survey of what SoMs are being used, and what groups consider pros/cons; accompanying email to explain.
    - SoM definition could be potentially wider, e.g. DI/OT; do not exclude those solutions, explain in accompanying email (slightly adapt working in questionnaire).
    - Component crisis: long lead times (>1yr) and price increases; not for SoC/SoM questionnaire/group; general problem for all electronics groups; need more flexibility in the purchasing procedures; consult with electronics interest group, EP-ESE, experiment electronics coordinators; could possibly have purchasing service make presentation to electronics groups.
    - Add to questionnaire: type, timescale, and quantity of SoM.
    - Add to questionnaire: deadline; around next interest group meeting; can we make it before?
    - For analysis share the load, e.g. by group of questions.
3) Common OS:
    - CMS: in general: CC7, moving to CS8 (possibly some RHEL8), move to CS9 during one YETS; at present for SoC (on Trenz): CS8 with Xilinx kernel.
    - ATLAS: no progress specific on SoC; CC7, skip CS9, move to CS9 (possibly during 23/24 YETS); RHEL could be issue with institutes because of license cost.
    - Hamza: CROME=petalinux/yocto; interest in ATS front-end control OS effort, see
4) Boot, network, security:

    - CROME: isolated networks (LAN sets), IT proposed code review + penetration testing, in particular concerning accidental issues.
    - Testing is an issue of personpower: time to test, experience, long-term follow-up.
5) Next Interest group meeting:
    - Three talks: KIT/Kria&split boot; ATLAS/TGC/control; CMS/HGCal/gitlab + possibly CMS/admin.
    - Salle A for meeting + Zoom; check Zoom equipment before!

SoC Committee Meeting
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