Science & Art : Cultural collisions - Serbia

from Thursday, March 17, 2022 (7:00 PM) to Wednesday, August 31, 2022 (7:00 PM)

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Mar 17, 2022
Jun 15, 2022
7:00 PM
Intro & overview - Part 1 -Prof. Peter Adzic (University of Belgrade (RS)) Prof. Goran Dordevic (University of Nis (RS)) Dr Adrien Feix Dr Michael Hoch (Florida State University (US)) Prof. Miodrag Krmar (University of Novi Sad (RS) ) Prof. Predrag Milenovic (University of Belgrade (RS)) (until 7:15 PM) ()
7:00 PM Welcoming words from the supporting institutions   ()
7:05 PM Introduction to the programme - Predrag Milenovic (University of Belgrade (RS)) Michael Hoch (Florida State University (US))   ()
7:15 PM CERN, LHC and physics experiments - Lidija Zivkovic (Institute of physics Belgrade (RS))   ()
7:35 PM
CERN Virtual Visit - Nebojsa-Boki Smiljkovic (CERN) Dragoslav Lazic (Boston University (US)) Predrag Milenovic (University of Belgrade (RS)) (until 8:30 PM) ()
7:35 PM Live from CMS Control Room   ()
7:45 PM Live from CMS Experiment (underground cavern)   ()
8:15 PM Questions & Answers   ()
8:30 PM Quantum, space-time, and symmetries - Igor Salom (Institute of Physics Belgrade)   ()
9:00 PM Discussion (all)   ()
7:00 PM
Intro & overview - Part 2 - Hans Peter Beck (Universitaet Bern (CH)) Goran Dordevic (University of Nis (RS)) Michael Hoch (Florida State University (US)) Predrag Milenovic (University of Belgrade (RS)) Pierre Van Hove (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)) (until 7:50 PM) ()
7:00 PM Programme overview - Jovana Stanimirović (University of Nis) Goran Dordevic (University of Nis (RS)) Predrag Milenovic (University of Belgrade (RS)) Michael Hoch (Florida State University (US))   ()
7:10 PM Teams overview - Slavoljub Mitic (Grammar school "Svetozar Markovic" Nis) Marina Dorocki (Grammar school "Isidora Sekulić") Ivan Stojanovic (Grammar school Kladovo) Ivan Stanic (Mathematical Grammar School Belgrade)   ()
7:30 PM CPN Art & Science experience - Dr Petar Laušević (Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia)   ()
7:50 PM Big Bang and the first three minutes - Dusko Latas (University of Belgrade (RS))   ()
8:10 PM Evolution of the Universe after the first three minutes - Predrag Milenovic (University of Belgrade (RS))   ()
8:30 PM Discussion (all)   ()