GIF++ installation and schedule meeting

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Giuseppe Pezzullo (CERN), Martin R. Jaekel (CERN), Federico Ravotti (CERN)
GIF++ Weekly Meeting
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Martin R. Jaekel
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      New Announcements

      Important Dates :

       see weekly reports

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      Weekly planning

      Please fill in the weekly reports before or during the meeting and update the team calendar !

      Weekly Reports   :
      Weekly Planning :

      SPS Status :
      SPS Planning :

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      Muon Beam Scheduling 2022

      Preparation and Scheduling of Muon Beam Time 2022

      Highlights from the 0.2 beam schedule :

      Week 17        : 25.04 - 03.05.   First 9 days - GIF alone                    9d
      Week 20        : 18.05 - 24.05    RD51 beam time (GIF parasitic)      7d
      Week 21        : 25.05 - 31.05    GIF/RD51 shared beam time            7d
      Week 22        : 01.06 - 07.06    GIF beam time  (RD51 parasitic)     7d
      Week 28/29   : 13.07 - 26.07    GIF/RD51 shared beam time          14d
      Week 42/43   : 19.10 - 01.11    GIF/RD51 shared beam time          14d

      GIF : 2 weeks (+2d) exclusive
               5 weeks shared with RD51
               1 week parasitic option

      Requests received for next year :

      ATL - NSW MM :      3 x 1 Week
      ATL - NSW sTGC :   3 x 1 Week
      ATL - RPC :               3 x 2 Weeks
      ATL - sMDT :            4 x 2 Weeks
      CMS - CSC :               3 x 2 Weeks
      CMS - DT :                 2 x 2 Weeks
      CMS - GEM :             2 x 2 Weeks
      CMS - RPC :               4 x 2 Weeks
      EP-DT-2                     3 x 2 Weeks
      RPC Ecogas :              2 x 2 Weeks
      ProTov-RPC :             2 x 2 Weeks
      RE21/CBM :               1 x 2 Weeks


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      New requests for tests at GIF

      introduction, goal of the test, plan, needs

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      Long Term Planning

      Gas usage at GIF :  we need to compile a table of gas mixture / consumption

      Gas training courses : ATEX level 1  and F-Gas training courses.
      List of trained people to be collected.

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      Infrastructure & Upgrades to the Facility

      Improvements needed or planned for the facility.

      Speakers: Giuseppe Pezzullo (CERN), Martin R. Jaekel (CERN)

      AUL Test and electrical safety inspection:

      Few minor issues were found. To be closed when recommendations are implemented.

      GIF pyTIMBER  :  

      Temporary solution  only accessible through the CERN GPN.
      Original site ( ) stays deployed for the DIP/DIM live values, also accessible from outside through SSO.


      GIF Logbook & elog  :   

      Discussion ongoing. Not yet all needed features are implemented.
      Not for this beam time.

      Monitoring of primary lines to be done. This year we will have the monitoring of the neutral gas (Ar/CO2/Helium/N2), instead next year it will be done also for the other (iC4H10, R134a, SF6, CF4 etc.). This signals will be then available in PVSS.

      On going discussion for main HFO gas supply line

      EN-CV: New cooling line installed and operational in the preparation area.  

      GIFCS-Pytimber app issue still under investigation


      iC4H10 temporary line operational

      -> issue due to the power cut and AUG test solved (plot attached)







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      General Items
      • a) IMPACTs for 2022

        Guidelines for filling in IMPACT requests

        List of active IMPACT declarations :

        General Guideline : One IMPACT per setup.

        • two chambers on individual supports -> 2 IMPACT declarations
        • multiple chambers swapped on same or similar support -> one IMPACT declaration
        • basically, if you need two locations, please make two IMPACT declaration (clone)

        Each Setup should have IMPACT label attached with number.
        Attached documents : CAD file  or  picture.
        Review working hours : if your declaration includes the bunker area, please state the number of hours you want to stay INSIDE the bunker only (for RP purposes).

      • b) CoVid-19

        CoVid-19 Risk Assessment for the Facility :

        General guideline :

        • ONE setup to enter the bunker at any given time.
        • All presence at the GIF and access to the bunker needs to be announced via Teamup beforehand (!)
        • Traceability of people on site :  Logbook ! - List all the people you encountered
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      Please include Francois Grenouilleau (164738) in all the EDH request related to transport.



      Please be careful with the gas CLASS when you do an order. (please check the document here attached)