4-10 July 2011
Brazil/East timezone

Welcome Bulletin

PLEASE CHECK LISHEP WEB PAGE (http://www.lishep.uerj;br/lishep2011) FOR UPDATED INFORMATION.
LISHEP was created in 1993  and is organized in four different sessions:
SESSION A – Science on Secondary School This Session
SESSION B – Advanced School in HEP
SESSION C – Workshop in HEP
SESSION D – HEP Associated Technologies
This year we will have LISHEP session C:  Workshop on the LHC – Present and Future
LISHEP 2011 is chaired by Gilvan Alves (gilvan@cbpf.br) and Ignacio Bediaga (bediaga@cbpf.br). Alberto Santoro (alberto.santoro@cern.ch) is LISHEP director.
CP Violation and Rare Decays – Alberto Reis (convener) – Tuesday July 5
Electroweak and Higgs – Maria Spiropolu (convener) – Wednesday July 6
Forward Physics and Difraction – Alberto Santoro (convener) – Thursday July 7
New Physics and Beyond the Standard Model – Harvey Newman (convener) – Friday July 8
Advanced Instrumentation for HEP – Andre Massafferri (convener) – Saturday July 9
Speaker should upload their presentations to our webpage. Contact a covener if you want to present a poster  and send a 200 word abstract and a title no later than 15 days before the date of the presentation.
All participantes must fill the registration form available from LISHEP website. A R$500.00 (or US$ 300.00) registration fee shall be paid cash upon arrival. Registration fee covers attendance to the workshop, related material, coffebreaks and the conference dinner.
LISHEP will be held from July the 4th to July the 10th at CBPF in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro receives many meetings and welcomes millions of visitors every year. During the day the minimum emperature will be about 17 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature will be around 27 degrees Celsius (temperature may drop during the night só a light jacket may be necessary).  Rio de Janeiro is a major tourist and business destination with many atractions and cultural events.
CBPF is located in a busy and pleasant neighbourhood close to historical and tourist areas like the Sugarloaf mountain, praia Vermelha and Copacabana. Important shopping areas are only about a five minute walk from CBPF with a large variety of stores, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, iceskating rings, bookstores and more. There is plenty of transportation that can take you to any area of the city.
Tourist Information on Rio may be found at
www.rioguiaoficial.com.br (available in English and in Portuguese).
CBPF address:
Rua Dr. Xavier Sigaud 150
Urca – Rio de janeiro – RJ
Rio de Janeiro has a large and diversified offer of hotels, many of them close to CBPF.  Participants whose accomodation is provided by LISHEP stay at
Merlin Copacabana Hotel
(a few minutes from CBPF)
Avenida Princesa Isabel 392,
Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Tel: +55 21 2132-1000
Email: vendas@hotelmerlin.com.br
Other hotels may be easily found in several internet sites. Due to the high hotel occupancy rates in Rio you are strongly encouraged not to wait for the last minute to get your reservation. LISHEP website offers a map showing CBPF location.

There are many restaurants around CBPF serving food of different styles and at different prices. Many restaurants work by the weight system where you are charged based on the amount (measured in grams) of food you get from a buffet. Many operate as a flat fee buffet and others have a menu service. A meal may go from less than R$10.00 in simple student restaurants to around R$ 50.00 in more elaborated places. Good meals can be found in the R$ 10.00 to R$ 20.00 range. In all cases add extra for drinks. Many restaurants add a 10% service fee. Otherwise a customary 10% may voluntarily be paid to the server.

Restaurants near CBPF
Although CBPF has no restaurant nowadays, you can find many ones in the neighborhood. Two
shopping centers and two universities, all of them 15 minutes walking time or less away from
CBPF, provide a variety of options for lunching and dinning.
See the map below and find, in the next page, a very brief description of what one may expect to
find at each location.
Shopping Rio Sul
Ten to fifteen minutes away from CBPF, it has more than 50 restaurants and eateries spread all over
its six floors. Nevertheless, it can be very crowded at lunch time. ( link )
Plaza Shopping
It is a small shopping with around ten options for having lunch. Not too many restaurants, but some
good ones, like a famous stakehouse, a Mediterranean restaurant and a Japanese one. ( link )
UFRJ Restaurant
It is a simple and low cost restaurant at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) campus,
mainly intended for students at the campus.
UNIRIO Restaurant
Located at University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) campus, this is also a low cost restaurant, mainly
for students at the campus. Only 5 minutes away, just beside CBPF.

There will be a Dutch dinner starting 8:30 PM Saturday the 9th . Price per person: R$ 50.00 (INCLUDED IN THE REGISTRATION FEE). Check the time table where this is announced on July 9. The expiration date for register in this conference dutch dinner is June 24. Beyond this date it will be not possible to accept
Very limited funds are available to support some participants. Send e-mail to alberto.santoro@cern.ch if you need some kind of support.
Check with the closest Brazilian embassy or consulate about entry requirements. Depending on the country issueing your passport you may be required to carry a valid visa. We can provide an invitation letter in case you need one.
Rio de Janeiro international airport connects Rio to several domestic and international cities. There are special cabs and busses serving the airport. Look for the selling booths just after the customs area. A special cab ride from the international airport to Copacabana shall cost about R$ 100,00
Rio de Janeiro has a vast, diversified and unexpensive transportation network operating with buses, subway, trains and taxis. A cab from most hotels close to CBPF to the conference venue shall cost around R$ 10.00 and can be comfortably shared by two or three passengers. We strongly recommend all participants to use taxis while in Rio.
There will be a tour on Sunday the 10 2011. Those interested must register in advance.  The cost is R$ 230.00 per person (for a group of 20) and includes:
1)pickup at the hotel at 10:00 AM
2)bilingual tour guide
3)lunch in Churrascaria Porcão (a brazilian style meat house) with dessert and coffe (drinks are extra)
4)visit to the Sugar Loaf
5)guided tour of Rio de Janeiro historical downtown area (Portuguese colonial style architecture and other significant constructions)
6)drop at the airport (for those leaving Rio on Sunday)
Electric power in Rio is mostly 110 Volts/ 60 Hz A.C. but some hotels may provide 220 Volts outlets. You may need an adaptor since hotels may have only the Brazilian standard outlet. Check this with your hotel prior to arrival.
Check with your health insurance if you have coverage while in Brazil. You may consider buying health coverage prior to your arrival in Rio since the conference does not provide any special health care. Dr. Giulia Santoro is our contact person for health problems and can be reached at +55(21)9971-7077