IRIS-HEP Fellows Introductory Presentations

IRIS-HEP Fellows Introductory Presentations
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Robert Currier Tuck
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      Fellows Projects "Lightning" Talks
      • a) Maya Wallach - Machine Learning Methods for Event Classification in The Active-Target Time Projection Chamber
      • b) Zijun Wang - Exploring the FAIR principles for preservation of UFO models
      • c) Ziyang Ye - Add network measuring to data federation caches
      • d) Zoe Bilodeau - Fast Integration of Poisson Distributions for Dead Sensor Marginalization
      • e) Jake Li - ServiceX Dashboard
      • f) Elliott Kauffman - Adapting PV-Finder to the CMS and ATLAS Experiments
      • g) Haoran Sun - Enabling support for MiniAOD Transformer for ServiceX Data Delivery Service
      • h) Peter Ridolfi - Designing and implementing a converting tool for statistical models between pyhf and CMS combine
      • i) Saransh Chopra - Vector - Constructors, documentation, and benchmarks
      • j) Benjamin Kuchma - Algorithms for electron reconstruction in a Muon Collider
      • k) Anni Li - Conditional Generation of High-Energy Particle Collisions with Graph Networks
      • l) Scott Demarest - Enable Dask Interoperability with xrootd-acessible storage systems