TREX- PPS for Run 4 + FASER muon measurement devices


Dedicated discussion about the new proposal with the PPS stations located at 196, 220 and 234 m regions.

AoB- FASER / FPF request to install small muon measurement devices


Q & C from Survey (JF. Fuchs, M. Soszin)

The use of UAP at the 196 m stations is on current plans for PPS, but  FRAS compatibility need to be further discussed with SURVEY and could be withdrawn in case they are able  to assume 2.5 mm of movement between LS or 0.8 mm yearly (vertical + radial) from the beam. 
Current alignment system  (Standard collimator motors for horizontal, new mechanism installed for run3 providing up to 6 mm) need to be reviewed and redesigned, also in view of respecting the survey volumes for neighborhood components. Also, current procedures are lengthy and temporary shielding should also be considered.

Q & C from WP2- Impedance (B. Salvant)

There will be  6 individual horizontal pots + 2 pairs of verticals , a factor 2  compared to LHC (3 maximum are installed at same time), Stability and heat load In each beam needs to be addressed , a factor 2 increase compared to current situation.
The crossing angle polarity in case of vertical crossing is swapped once per year, the mechanics is compatible. The detector packages will be changed every winter shutdown. To adapt to crossing plane changes  is less welcome from a physics point of view.

Q & C from Vacuum (J. Sestak)

o-rings should be avoided
Impact on the warm modules that connect to LHC, bellows and procedures (pumps, venting needs, time required) need to be looked further

Q& C from WP15 (P. Fessia, J. Oliveira)

DQR repositioning seems feasible (based on the topology of point 7 configuration), but detailed studies will be needed.
Cable tray with same size of the present cable tray has been reserved, which should be fine.
Compatibility with 2D optics V1.5 done from PPS respect the “along line” reserved spaces .
Ancillaries have not a space reservation and seems challenging.
Next steps
PPS will organise dedicated meetings with Survey & Vacuum and the outcome will be communicated to WP15 for the next iteration about integration, with focus on the ancilliaries and impact on the equipment outside the beam-line.
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