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Michael Davis (CERN)
CTA Dev Meeting
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CTA Dev Meeting
Michael Davis
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      CTA Release Workflow
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      CTA Release Roadmap

      See CTA Release Roadmap

      Release 4.7.8-1 [Catalogue v11]

      Future releases (4.7.x)

      Public Release

      • Remaining tasks
      • Release date: Week 25 Jul
      • Include Xrootd 5
      • Versioning same as internal release, but with v5 (v5.Y.Z).
      • [Julien]: Images of v4.7.7-1 need to be build, before CI is able to work on v4.7.8-1 deployments. They were giving some errors, but (after the meeting) Julien managed to get it to work and deploy v4.7.8 in PPS.
      • [Vova]: We need v4.7.9 (including REPACKING changes) ASAP. This will help with ns63 repacking.
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      CTA read support for non-native tape formats (OSM/dCache and Enstore)

      • Project roadmap: #2

      cta-frontend-grpc integration for CTA

      • Project roadmap: #38
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      HTTP REST API, Activities and Priorities
      • Document status and remarks:
      • Wiki documents migrated to new repo? broken link
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      CTA dev topics

      Tape drive states

      • [Vova]: Project status overview.

      PostgreSQL scheduler DB

      • [David]: Project status overview.

      REPACKING tape state and queue cleanup

      • [Joao]: Project status overview.

      EOS report logs

      • [Joao]: Project status overview.

      cta-admin wrapper

      • [Guillaume]: Project status overview.

      Move subdirectories from CTA dev repo into new repos

      • [Richard]: Project status overview.
      • [All]: Any feedback
      • Known hickups: #110

      Other "needs discussion" topics

      REPACKING tape state and queue cleanup:

      • [Joao]: Will try to have it ready by the beginning of next week. It is important that these changes are released in the next 2 weeks, before Joao goes on holidays.

      CTA-ADMIN build for CENTOS Stream-8:

      • [Jorge]: Was having issues due to conflicting dependencies and ABIs. We decided that we will only build cta-admin for now, and remove all other components. This reduced the amount of conflicts (caused by Oracle instant client and other libraries), and allowed the component to be built. When most of the team is back we will discuss it again.
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      Meeting Rooms

      • Room 513/R-068 is booked every week, until the EOY, for the CTA dev meeting.