September 22, 2022
Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London
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58 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Aiham Al Musalhi University of Oxford
Aman Desai
Amy Cottle University of Oxford
Ankit Beniwal King’s College London
Anthony Ezeribe University of Sheffield
Ashlea Kemp Queen's University/RHUL
Christopher McCabe King's College London
Dan Tovey University of Sheffield (GB)
Daniel Hunt Oxford
Darren Price University of Manchester
Ed Daw The University of Sheffield
Ellen Sandford The University of Manchester
Fiona Alder University College London
Hans Kraus Oxford
Hayden Casey University of Manchester
Henrique Araujo Imperial College London
Ioannis Manthos University of Birmingham (GB)
Jack Devlin Imperial College London
Jacopo Siniscalco UCL
Jesse Liu University of Cambridge
Jo Orpwood University of Sheffield
Joe McLaughlin TRIUMF/Royal Holloway
Jonas Rodewald Imperial College London
Kimberly Palladino
Konstantinos Nikolopoulos University of Birmingham (GB)
Louis Hamaide King’s College London
Lucien Heurtier Durham University (IPPP)
malcolm fairbairn KCL
Niamh Fearon University of Oxford
Ningqiang Song University of Liverpool
Paolo Franchini Royal Holloway University of London - Lancaster University
Patrick Knights University of Birmingham
Pawel Majewski STYFC/Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Richard Hobson Imperial College London
Robert James UCL
Robert Neal University of Sheffield
Sandra Robles King's College London
Sergey Burdin University of Liverpool
Theresa Fruth UCL
Yixin Wang Imperial College London
Zoe Balmforth Royal Holloway, University of London
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