8th MEFT Workshop

from Wednesday, February 8, 2023 (12:00 AM) to Thursday, February 9, 2023 (11:59 PM)
Instituto Superior Técnico (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)

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Feb 8, 2023
Feb 9, 2023
10:00 AM
Opening & Closing (until 10:15 AM) (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
10:15 AM From Single-cell Behavior to Collective Dynamics - Ms Camila Costa (IGC; INESC MN)   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
10:30 AM Anti-de Sitter Spacetime: Stability and Instability - David Lopes   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
10:45 AM Arbitrarily non-paraxial electromagnetic wave-packets in particle-in-cell codes - Rafael Russo de Almeida (IST)   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
11:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:20 AM Confronting Multi-Higgs Models with Experiment: The 3HDM case - Luís Miguel Marques Lourenço   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
11:35 AM Quantum Correlations in Atomic Ensembles - Alexandre Barbosa (Laboratory for Quantum Plasmas (IPFN) and Quantum Photonics Laboratory (IT))   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
11:50 AM Energy Extraction from Black Holes via Penrose Process and BSW Mechanism - Duarte Feiteira (CENTRA - Instituto Superior Técnico)   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
9:30 AM
Opening & Closing (until 9:45 AM) (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
9:45 AM Machine learning for optimizing plasma resource utilization in Mars - Marcelo Rodrigues Gonçalves   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
10:00 AM Quantum Clustering Algorithms for Calorimeter Event Reconstruction in CMS - Pedro Diogo De Assis Santos Birra (Instituto Superior Técnico)   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
10:15 AM Energy Communities managed by municipalities- Case study Castelo Branco - João Francisco Pires Nunes Serra Patrício   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
10:30 AM Superfluids of Light in Nonlinear Optical Media - Mr Miguel Lagoas Roldão (IPFN)   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
10:45 AM Probing quark hadronization with B mesons at the LHC - Simão Costa   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
11:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:20 AM Adaptative Neural Networks based on Metal-Insulator-Metal Nanostructures (Memristors) - Ricardo Silva   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
11:35 AM Magnetic Sensor Qualification in an Industrial Environment - Rita Filipa Correia Ferreira Constantino   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
11:50 AM Characteristic Critical Collapse with Null Infinity - Rita Pinto Santos   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
12:05 PM Pre-equilibrium of the Quark-Gluon Plasma - Guilherme Crispim   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
12:20 PM Morphogenesis of Drosophila´s early development: calibration of the distribution of the pair-rule family of proteins - Catarina Dias   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
12:35 PM Reddening evolution in type Ia supernovae - Catarina Corte-Real (CENTRA — Instituto Superior Técnico)   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
12:50 PM --- Lunch ---
2:05 PM The role of ion channels in the transmission of signals along axons - Lízia Maria Gonçalves Branco   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
2:20 PM Reinforcement Learning for Coordinating Energy​ Communities - P2P Trading​ - Catarina Santos Neves   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
2:35 PM Resonant interaction of fusion alphas and shear-acoustic Alfvén eigenmodes in burning plasmas - João Palma (Instituto Superior Técnico)   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
2:50 PM Thermal and Power Microgrids in Public Buildings - Case Study LNEG - Rodrigo Rodrigues   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
3:05 PM Ga2O3 membrane nanodevices - Miguel Cardoso Pedro   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
3:20 PM --- Break ---
3:30 PM Disentangling QGP response using energy flow correlators - Marco António Coelho Leitão   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
3:45 PM Deployment of a microwave cavity experiment using the Framework for Remote Experiments in Education - Pedro Rossa   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
4:00 PM Permanent Magnet Design for Nuclear Fusion Reactors - Miguel Da Silva Barros Madeira   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
4:15 PM High Performance Magnetic Tunnel Junctions for Magnetic Scanning - Filipe Miguel Favita Monteiro   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
4:30 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:50 PM Information Diffusion on Dynamic Networks - Henrique João Machado Borges   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
5:05 PM A model for the analysis of electric signals in the heart - Nyvenn Alves de Castro   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
5:20 PM Applying Emerging Deep Learning Techniques to General Relativity - Guilherme Afonso Azenha Cerqueira Simplício   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
5:35 PM Linearization of High Sensitivity Out of Plane Magnetic Sensors - Pedro Santos   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
5:50 PM Stability of spin-liquid phases against environment-induced dissipation - Mr Afonso Ribeiro   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
6:05 PM
Opening & Closing (until 6:20 PM) (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
12:05 PM The Cauchy Problem in General Relativity - Francisco Pais   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
12:20 PM Integration of the HiRezBrainPET with a clinical PET/CT system: Performance evaluation of a prototype for next-generation brain tomography - Miguel Lopes   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
12:35 PM Transport of particles in nuclear fusion devices - Paulo Figueiredo   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
12:50 PM --- Lunch ---
2:05 PM De Sitter Spacetime and Fundamental Physics - Francisco Gandum Pinheiro (Instituto Superior Técnico)   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
2:20 PM Optimization of materials for Metal-Insulator-Metal resistance devices -Memresistor - Eufémio Tavares Marques   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
2:35 PM Acceleration of tracking reconstruction algorithms using GPUs at ATLAS - Guilherme Metelo Rita De Almeida (Universidade de Lisboa (PT))   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
2:50 PM Energetics of Quantum Computation - Maria Francisca Góis (Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group of CeFEMA, IST & PQI – Portuguese Quantum Institute)   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
3:05 PM Digital Twin of energy, water and material consumption in Instituto Superior Técnico - Sofia Martins da Costa   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
3:20 PM --- Break ---
3:30 PM Miniaturized aerosol collector integrating sensors for real-time bio-aerosol detection - Eduardo Batista   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
3:45 PM Heavy Neutrino-Antineutrino Oscillations at the FCC-ee - Bruno Oliveira   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
4:00 PM Flight data analysis of the BERM radiation monitor aboard the BepiColombo mission - António de Lagos Roque Pessanha Gomes   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
4:15 PM Some Aspects of Symmetry Constrained Multi-Higgs Models - Íris Carolina Brée de Medeiros e Silva   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
4:30 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:50 PM Novel thin-film silicon photodetectors for biosensing - Diogo Gonçalves   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
5:05 PM Particle Physics anomalies from Dark Matter - André Santos   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
5:20 PM The cylinder at spatial infinity and asymptotic charges - Rafael de Almeida Carvalho Pastor Pinto   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
5:35 PM NMR Quantum Information Processing with liquid chloroform and Europium doped organic-inorganic hybrids - Hugo Miranda   (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)
5:50 PM
Opening & Closing (until 6:05 PM) (Anfiteatro Abreu Faro)