February 15, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

The ATLAS Early Career Scientist Board

The ATLAS Early Career Scientist Board is very excited to announce that the second Mental Health workshop will be held during the next ATLAS Week at 16:00 on 15th February 2023. The workshop will be run by Sarah Speziali, a therapist and life coach who has extensive experience raising awareness about mental health in the workplace.  

Even though this workshop is organized by the ATLAS collaboration, all CERN-associated early career scientists are welcome to participate in this workshop!!

We request all participants attending in person in the main auditorium bring a computer to connect to Zoom.  It will be useful for answering the live ZOOM polls throughout the event. We also recommend bringing earphones, paper, and a pen/pencil to the workshop.

Link for submitting the anonymous exit feedback at the end of the workshop: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1agsdTBLerBdSvXhF2ovK1Wncj0vFg_owBxMFkIzy8sg/viewform?ts=63e699cb&edit_requested=true

 Following the feedback from the first “Healthy Minds for Master Minds” workshop in 2021, this workshop aims to address some of the main points raised by participants.
- Recognising mental well-being factors and their impact
- Building wellbeing routines and integrating coping strategies
- Tapping into your inner resources and discovering new ones
- Practicing self-care and work-life balance
Participants will be invited to actively participate during the workshop, which will blend theory with individual and group activities. Full attention will be placed on group dynamics and interaction allowing everyone to engage comfortably and within their own comfort zone.

The interaction will be encouraged via chat, polls, and Q&A during the workshop. If there are any specific mental-health-related topics you would like to have discussed, please indicate this in the above survey. This workshop is designed for Early Career Scientists, but all are welcome to join. 

We would like to remind registrants to please follow the CERN Code of Conduct during this event.