16th FIM4R Workshop & TAGPMA

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado

Maarten Kremers (SURF), Tom Barton

This meeting is colocated with Internet2's Tech Exchange. FIM4R (Federated Identity Management for Research) is a collection of research communities and infrastructures with a shared interest in enabling Federated Identity Management for their research cyber infrastructures. TAGPMA (The Americas Grid Policy Management Authority) is a federation of authentication providers and relying parties headed by a Policy Management Authority of those responsible for grids in North, Central and South America. 

Although there will not be remote participation there will be a summary session over zoom on Mon Dec 19th at 15:00 UTC. 

More information: https://indico.cern.ch/event/1219084/

The next FIM4R event will be held at CERN in spring 2023.


Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
1500 Court Place
Denver, CO 80202

Room: Plaza Ballroom D