Jan 4 – 14, 2023
Centre Paul Langevin
Europe/Zurich timezone

Accomodation and travel information (incl. costs)

General Information:

All the participants will stay at the Centre Paul Langevin in Aussois, where the scientific sessions will take place. 


For the workshop itself on Jan 8-14, 2023, we expect all the participants to stay for the entire duration of the workshop, in particular not to arrive on Monday morning (which means missing essentially all the talks of the day) and not to leave on Friday afternoon (which means missing the Saturday session and all the round tables on Friday). Priority will in any case be given to participants attending all the sessions.

Travel information and tips:

The center is 9km away from the Modane train station (direct fast trains from Paris, Turin and Milan). There are some buses (more information soon). For taxi, it will be necessary to book in advance.


Aussois is a ski resort and the workshop takes place in winter. You should then expect winter conditions and the corresponding traffic issues. It therefore makes sense to try to avoid the late trains and to consider arriving in the late morning or early afternoon, to arrive with daylight. The sunset is at 5pm!


The cost for the workshop attendance with full board accommodation for 6 nights and the conference fee is 650€-720€ (depending on the accommodation). For the mini school or the satellite workshops, the fee is 410-460€ (depending on the accommodation). In both cases, it includes all the meals, the coffee breaks, the rental of the conference room, etc.


If you stay one night more, add about 100€ (The centre will take care fo this). The default way is to directly pay at the centre (cash or card). Other options should be analysed case by case (and you should inform us as early as possible).

In case of need, we have a small budget (smaller than the other years though) to waive the conference fee or to cover some of the other local cost. Email J.P. Lansberg regarding this. However, we will not be able to cover travel costs.

Special requests (meals and housing):

You are asked to specify any dietary requirements when you registered. You can modify such information by updating your registration until December 31st.

The same applies for the accommodation of companions (double rooms) and kids. If you have doubts, email J.P. Lansberg. The additional cost per night for full board accommodation is approximatively 90€ (it should be paid at the centre).

Ski et al.:

Once the scientific program is settled, we will take care of the social activities and, in particular, ski. If there is a sufficient number of ski/snowboard beginners, we can book group lessons (to be paid by you, of course).

[Info below  to be updated]

Shuttle schedule (Bus Line M11)

Cost : 8,9€ one way (Note that some buses in the morning are prioritised for kids going to schools)

MODANE Station -> Aussois


Modane StationAussois
12h45+25 min
15h05+25 min
16h50+25 min
18h30+25 min







Modane StationAussois
8h45+24 min
15h15+24 min
16h50+24 min






Monday,  Tuesday, Wednesday

Modane StationAussois
8h45+24 min
11h15+24 min
15h15+24 min
16h45+24 min
17h00+24 min






AUSSOIS -> Modane Station


Wednesday & Thursday & Friday

Modane StationAussois
7h25 TBC7h50
8h05 TBC8h30
10h35 TBC11h05
16h06 TBC16h35
18h31 TBC19h00








Modane StationAussois







Modane StationAussois






[TBC: Information from http://www.mobisavoie.com/jeton//index click on "online shopping" / "Achat en ligne" and select the departure & arrival places and then the date]