March 28, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

Muon colliders can reach centre-of-mass energies of tens of TeV with high luminosity. Muons are point-like particles, so the entire beam energy is available to produce short-distance reactions, which allows direct searches for new particles over a wide range of unexplored masses. A muon collider also allows accurate tests of the Standard Model at extremely high energy, offering opportunities to detect new physics indirectly and to confirm and to characterise direct discoveries. By exploiting the copious rate for vector boson fusion and vector boson scattering processes, the muon collider provides the opportunity to probe the finest details of the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism.

A number of technical challenges must be overcome in order to realise the muon collider. The EU has supported the MuCol programme to address the core of these key challenges. MuCol will develop the collider concept and assess the physics performance based on realistic performance goals for the collider components. The identification of the cost and power consumption drivers will enable determination of the cost and power consumption scale. This will allow the next European Strategy for Particle Physics Update (ESPPU) process to make informed choices for the selection of the next large collider to be built in Europe.

This is the first meeting of the MuCol programme. In this meeting, the working groups should discuss the current state-of-the-art, establish concretely their work programme. The governing board of the MuCol programme will meet for the first time in order to establish the project management.


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