November 29, 2022
Europe/Zurich timezone

The purpose of the visit is to further explore R&D and commercial opportunities between different CERN groups and selected Finnish industry. It follows from an internal, exploratory workshop organized at CERN on May 25th, 2022.


Short profile on companies visiting CERN

Teraloop: At Teraloop, we are developing and commercializing a novel flywheel energy storage system that offers a competitive offering to growing markets in areas that need complementary solutions. Our core expertise in terms of technology development includes high speed motor/generator, magnetic levitation and magnetic bearing systems. We have developed these technologies at Teraloop with a laser sharp focus on innovation and potential to go to market. Through the SMARAGDI project, we have complemented this technology development experience to apply HTS technology to designing flywheels and the underpinning technologies of motor/generator and magnetic bearings. 

Superconducting technology has recently attracted a lot of interest in the fields of energy storage, propulsion technologies, the aviation sector and power generation. We are keen to explore opportunities that could facilitate Teraloop and Finland to become one of leaders of applied superconducting technologies in Nordic countries. We are a small but very fast team and this is one of our key strengths that allows us to take on challenges and promising collaborations with innovation in view.

Quanscient: is developing a cloud and quantum-powered multiphysics simulations platform. In particular, our algorithms perform extremely well in superconductor simulations, such as those needed in AC loss and quench modeling of superconducting magnets. We are interested in collaboration on special product developments. Our goal is to showcase our simulation platform to potential users, and hopefully build meaningful collaborations / customer. relationships.

Luvata: We wish to hear CERN requirements for copper materials for future accelerators and colliders. We would like to showcase our offering of OF copper components that we have produced for fusion energy projects as well special profiles that are used for heats sinks for HT superconductors, and insulated hollow conductors for liquid cooled resistive magnets. Recent years Luvata have focused R&D resources on developing special copper materials and copper products for plasma and fusion energy research. Our interest is to find opportunities to collaborate with companies & institutes that operate in this field. We wish to update on Luvata’s capabilities to CERN,  understand the needs of future collider materials and network with other companies & institutes 

Bluefors: interested in research topics where Bluefors systems could be used (dilution refrigerator with options like magnet and wiring; cryogenic wafer prober, etc.).

3DStep: innovative 3D-printing company as development partner. Material properties of 3D-printed metals characterized in crygenic temperatures.

AFRY: Risk assessment ja asset lifecycle management, in e.g. Cryogenics, Cooling, Grid connections, related to reliability and in e.g.  energy efficiency planning. More info here.


To find to CERN (directions here)

Access to IdeaSquare: from the car park behind the Globe.


Internet access - WIFI

Wireless is available throughout CERN's premises.

For registering your laptop/mobile phone for wifi access at CERN, please fill in a request here:


Please use Markus Nordberg as the CERN contact person (on the last page of the request form).

Hostel, hotel

CERN has a basic hostel. Reservations can be made here. Pls use the web link to this page as reference to the event. There is also a hotel nearby, here.

Dinner on Monday Nov 28th at 19.00

Cafe Hortus, see map and address on the web page. Two tram stops before CERN when coming from the city center, on the right.


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