The Austria-Croatia-Hungary Triangle (ACHT) 2023 workshop "Non-Perturbative Aspects of Nuclear, Particle and Astroparticle Physics" continues a tradition of meetings whose goal is to bring together practicioners on various aspects of nuclear and particle physics. The topics range from hadron spectroscopy and structure and the QCD phase diagram to strong QED, astroparticle physics, physics beyond the Standard Model and gravity, with nonperturbative quantum field theory as the common theme.

The meeting will be in the usual ACHT format, starting on Wednesday (Sep 27) noon and ending on Friday (Sep 29) noon.

We look forward to seeing you in Austria!

Previous meetings in this series: 
2021 Online (Croatia)
2018 Leibnitz (Austria) 
2017 Zalakaros (Hungary)
2016 Čakovec (Croatia)
2015 Leibnitz (Austria)
2014 Balatonfüred (Hungary)
2013 Leibnitz (Austria)
2013 Rab (Croatia)
2012 Szombathely (Hungary)
2011 Fürstenfeld (Austria)
2010 Rab (Croatia)
2010 Hévíz (Hungary)
2009 Fürstenfeld (Austria)
2009 Rab (Croatia)
2008 Rab (Croatia)
2008 Hévíz (Hungary)

Organizing Committee:
Gernot Eichmann
Eduardo Ferreira
Raúl Torres

Advisory Committee:
Reinhard Alkofer - University of Graz (AT)
Axel Maas - University of Graz (AT)
Tamás Biró - Wigner Research Center for Physics (HU)
Dubravko Klabučar - University of Zagreb (HR)
András Patkós - Eötvös University (HU)


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