Mar 13 – 15, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

Reaching CERN

Transport between CERN and airport

When you arrive at the airport, we will arrange a transport for you. Depending on the time of your flight, you will be received by one of our staff members and take a shuttle or a car ride to CERN directly. From the train station, the easiest is to take the tram number 18 direction Meyrin CERN. Tickets for the tram can be bought at the tram station.

Transport in the local area

  • Public transport (tram, bus) from the Geneva area stop in front of reception. The stop is Meyrin, CERN.
  • During your stay, you will always be accompanied by one CERN staff member, so it is unlikely you will need to figure out transportation by yourself.



You will need to collect a personal badge upon arrival. You will have to show an ID document to collect the badge in building 55. If you arrive so late / early that building 55 is not open, you will be able to get inside by showing your hostel confirmation, so please do have that either on your phone or printed out. One member of staff will either show you where to collect your badge or accompany you there, depending on your time of arrival.

You must wear your badge visibly at all times when inside the CERN fenced domain.



You will stay inside the CERN site at the CERN Hostel. 

CERN Hotel Reception - building 39
CH-1211 Genève 23
Tel. +41 22 767 44 81
Note that your room may be in any of the 3 CERN hotel buildings: 38, 39 or 41

One of our staff members will take you to the hotel on the first day.

Wi-Fi access

If you have an EDUROAM certificate, you can connect your mobile devices on eduroam Wi-Fi network.

Standard access

If you don't have an EDUROAM certificate, you can connect to the CERN wi-fi with all your devices. Registration is mandatory in this case, separately for each device, for example phone and laptop.

By registering a device, you agree to follow CERN computing rules.
Make sure your device has all recent updates and that an anti-virus is running on it. As a precautionary measure, any device considered vulnerable or contaminated will be disconnected from the network.

  • Select CERN Wi-Fi network (do not select CERN-Visitors* as it may not be available everywhere at CERN or limit internet access)
  • Open a browser to display the registration form
  • Enter your personal information (name, mail, phone)
  • Indicate Crowd4SDG Conference as your reason to request access
  • Indicate Ole Werner as the contact person at CERN
  • Your device MAC address (your network interface unique id) should be filled automatically

Ole will be informed of your request and will approve it as quickly as possible. 


All meals will be covered for you during your participation in the event. 
Upon your arrival, you will receive vouchers with a budget to spend in each meal at the CERN cafeterias (R1 or R2). They will cover 15CHF and you will have three of them per day. Please check the prices at the CERN cafeteria, as if you go over the 15chf limit you will need to pay the rest yourself. It is ok if you do not spend the entire coupon, as we will pay only for what you spend.

What to wear

Bring flat shoes for the visit to the Antimatter Factory.

Typically the weather in Geneva in March is 11 degrees celsius during the day, and can go down to 0 degrees during the night. Rain is likely. Bring many layers, and a jacket. Tuesday and Wednesday are casual days, you can wear what you want (jeans, hoodies). Thursday and Friday are a bit nicer, but it is not a gala event.