Restricted Council - Two-Hundred-and-Eleventh Session

503/1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber


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    • 9:00 AM 6:30 PM
      Restricted Council
      • 9:00 AM
        Report on the credentials 5m
      • 9:05 AM
        Matters arising from previous meeting 5m
        • Proposed package of measures to mitigate the impact of inflation and electricity prices on CERN’s Budget 5m
        • Other matters arising (Oral) 5m
      • 9:10 AM
        Adoption of the agenda 5m
      • 9:15 AM
        Approval of the draft minutes of the two-hundred-and-tenth Session - Restricted Council 5m
      • 9:20 AM
        President's report (Oral) 10m
      • 9:30 AM
        Director-General's report (Oral) 20m
      • 9:50 AM
        CERN Annual Progress Report 2022 (Mr R. Bello) 35m
      • 10:25 AM
        Coffee break 15m
      • 10:40 AM
        Proposal for an additional contribution from the Member and Associate Member States to mitigate the impact of inflation and electricity prices on CERN’s budget (Mr R. Bello) 1h 10m
      • 11:50 AM
        Developments in the Member and Associate Member States relevant for CERN (Oral) 15m
      • 12:05 PM
        Scientific Policy Committee 15m
        • Report by the Chair of the Scientific Policy Committee (Dr H. Montgomery - Oral) 8m
        • Questions to the Scientific Policy Committee 2m
      • 12:20 PM
        Report by the Chair of the Finance Committee (Dr L. Salzarulo - Oral) 10m
      • 12:30 PM
        Audit Committee (AC) (Professor J. Schieck) 10m
        • Key messages from the AC meeting held on 28 February 2023 6m
        • AC – Annual activity report 2022 2m
        • Questions to the AC 2m
      • 12:40 PM
        Lunch 1h 20m
      • 2:00 PM
        Terms of Reference 30m
        • TREF Terms of Reference 5m
        • Draft revised Rules of Procedure of the CERN Council (Dr U. Bassler) 10m
        • Draft revised Terms of Reference of the CERN Audit Committee 10m
      • 2:30 PM
        CERN Pension Fund 20m
        • Report by the Chair of the Pension Fund Governing Board (Mr O. Malmberg - Oral) 10m
        • Proposed amendments to the Rules of the CERN Pension Fund – Code of Conduct 10m
      • 2:50 PM
        International Cooperation Agreement with the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain (Ms C. Warakaulle) 5m
      • 2:55 PM
        Proposal for a high-level roundtable discussion in the context of the inauguration of the CERN Science Gateway (Ms C. Warakaulle) 15m
      • 3:10 PM
        Report on non-LHC experiments (Professor J. Mnich - Oral) 15m
      • 3:25 PM
        HL-LHC matters 30m
        • Report on the HL-LHC project (Dr M. Lamont - Oral) 15m
        • Status report on the Phase-2 detector upgrades (Prof. J. Mnich - Oral) 15m
      • 3:55 PM
        LHC matters 30m
        • Status of the accelerator complex (Dr M. Lamont - Oral) 20m
        • Status report on the LHC experiments and computing (Prof. J. Mnich - Oral) 20m
      • 4:25 PM
        Tea break 15m
      • 4:40 PM
        Report on collaboration between the European Commission and CERN (Dr S. Stavrev) 15m
      • 4:55 PM
        FCC Feasibility Study status report (Dr M. Benedikt - Oral) 20m
      • 5:15 PM
        Japanese funding for ILC R&D and CERN’s role (Dr S. Stapnes - Oral) 20m
      • 5:35 PM
        Accelerator R&D Roadmap (Professor D. Newbold) 15m
      • 5:50 PM
        Report on ECFA activities (Professor K. Jakobs) 15m
      • 6:05 PM
        Report from the International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG) (Oral) 10m
      • 6:15 PM
        Confirmation of the access status of the documents on the agenda (Oral) 5m
      • 6:20 PM
        Other business 10m