Council - First Session
503/1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber


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from Thursday, October 7, 1954 (10:00 AM) to Saturday, October 9, 1954 (1:00 PM)

Thursday, October 7, 1954


1. Opening of Session by the Chairman of interim Organization
2. Rules or Procedure (draft)
CERN/96 English French
3. Establishment and report of Committee on Credentials
4. Approval of Agenda
5. Approval of the Draft Minutes of the 9th Session
CERN/98 English French
6. Election of Officers of the Council:
   6.1 President
   6.2 Two Vice-Presidents
7. Recognition of Final Act of 1st July 1953
8. Final Report of the Secretary General of the interim Organization
CERN/97 English French
9. Reports of Group Directors of the interim Organization
CERN/98 English French
10. Transfer of Assets and liabilities of interim Organization
CERN/99 English French
11. Structure of Organization
CERN/100 English French
12. Appointments of Leading Staff
Friday, October 8, 1954


13. Establishment of Committees (including approval of terms of reference and composition, and the election of the members), Proposals regarding the composition of CERN Committees presented by the Kingdom of Greece, Suggestions regarding the composition of both the Committee of Council and the Scientific Policy Committee presented by U.K.
CERN/105 CERN/106 English English French French
   13.1 Committee of the Council (also see extract from Item 14 of CERN 9th Session)
CERN/69 Rev. CERN/87 English French French
   13.2 Scientific Policy Committee (also see extract of Item 15 of CERN 9th Session)
CERN/82 English French
   13.3 Finance Committee (see Resolution of the Final Act and extract from Item 11 (d) (1) of CERN 7th Session)
14. Questions relating to Staff:
   14.1 Approval of Staff Regulations
CERN/GEN/12 Annex V English French
   14.2 Approval of Salary Scales
CERN/101 English French
   14.3 Delegation to the Director of powers of appointment and dismissal of Staff (Art. 6 par. 3 of the Convention)
15. Headquarters Agreement between CERN and the Swiss Government
Saturday, October 9, 1954


16. Financial Matters:
CERN/80 CERN/80/Add. English English Add. French
   16.1 Approval of Financial Rules, Resolution submitted to the Council by the IFC
CERN/104 English
   16.2 Report on current Financial Position
CERN/102 English French
   16.3 Adoption of Initial Budget
CERN/103 English French
   16.4 Provisional estimate of Finance for 1955, including Working Capital
   16.5 Allocation of important Contracts
   16.6 Income Tax exemption or reimbursement
   16.7 Designation of the Bank of the Organization
17. Appointment of Auditors (see Item 11 (d) (iv) of CERN 7th Session), Resolution concerning the appointment of Auditors
CERN/109 English French
18. Any Other Business
19. Next Session of the Council