May 3 – 5, 2023
UW-Madison Data Science Institute
US/Central timezone

What is this workshop?

The Analysis Grand Challenge (AGC) workshop is a three-day event, hosted from May 3–5 at the University of Wisconsin–Madison's Data Science Institute. It aims to bring together experts and all those interested to survey the current status of the AGC project and to build a concrete plan for addressing remaining items towards an AGC showcase event later this summer. Meetings will be held at the Data Science Institute, located on the 11th floor of the McArdle Building at 447 Lorch Street.

Workshop structure

The current agenda is preliminary. We will spend Wednesday and Thursday reviewing the current status of various areas connected to the AGC, with a specific focus on performance and usability. Friday morning will be dedicated to planning the next steps towards an AGC showcase event.

While some parts of this workshop will feature demonstrations similar to the AGC Tools workshops (#1, #2) or the AGC demo days (#1, #2), other parts will be more technical in nature.

The workshop will end on Friday at lunch time to allow those interested in attending the pre-CHEP workshop (starting Saturday afternoon) to fly either Friday evening or Saturday morning.

A workshop dinner will be organized on Thursday evening.

Attending the workshop in Madison

All sessions will be held on the 11th floor of the McArdle Building (447 Lorch Street), at the Data Science Institute. The number of available spots for in-person attendance of this workshop is limited by room capacity. They are distributed on a first come, first served basis, so please sign up now if you would like to join!

Please see the dedicated page on the agenda for information related to travel and accommodation. We have also prepared a convenient map with key places and food options.

Connecting remotely via Zoom

A Zoom connection is also available: you can access the link via the timetable on the left, make sure you are logged into indico to see it. Some hands-on / hackathon style parts of the agenda may not work well over Zoom, so please consider joining us in person if possible.

What is the AGC?

The AGC is a project organized by IRIS-HEP and partners. It defines physics analysis tasks at realistic scale and complexity, including the handling of systematic uncertainties, binned statistical analysis, reinterpretation, and end-to-end optimization, with a focus on techniques envisioned for use at the HL-LHC. The AGC also provides implementations addressing those tasks, making use of new and advanced analysis tools developed by the community in the Python ecosystem. It relies on the development of the required cyberinfrastructure to be executed at scale.

UW-Madison Data Science Institute
McArdle Building, 11th floor 447 Lorch Street Madison, WI (United States)
Application for this event is currently open.