May 29, 2023
Belgrade, Serbia
Europe/Zurich timezone

Workshop on probing space-time properties at HEP experiments

The Standard Model (SM) of particle physics is expected to be a low-energy effective approximation of a theory that describes particle physics phenomena together with the gravity at high-energy scales. There is a plethora of extensions of SM that predict violation of fundamental space-time symmetries at high-energy scales (e.g. Lorentz invariance violation - LIV) and a quantum space-time with noncommutative geometry (NC), with possibility that some effects could manifests itself at energies accessible by the high-energy physics (HEP) collider experiments today.

The goal of this workshop is to asses the theoretical &  phenomenological studies and experimental measurements, and to setup the path of the future R&D that would open up new frontiers for the systematic testing of quantum properties of space-time using HEP experiments. It will have a special focus on the first searches for quantum space-time phenomena in physics of electroweak and QCD interactions with the LHC experiments at CERN.

Workshop will feature the review of the limits on LIV/NC effects from the previous/existing experiments, and review of the phenomenology studies for LHC and future colliders. It will comprise discussions on the necessary developments of the LIV/NC models and corresponding MC event generation tools, as well as experimental challenges that should be addressed in order to maximise the sensitivity to the quantum properties of space-time using collider experiments.

In case you are interested to contribute to the conference with your studies/results, please feel free to contact directly via email the organisers of the workshop.

Workshop is organised in Belgrade on May 29, 2023, as a satellite event to the LHC Physics 2023 conference that is taking place in Belgrade in period May 22-26, 2023. 

Belgrade, Serbia
Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade
Registration for this event is currently open.