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May 15 – 18, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

Prague Spring Amplitudes Workshop focuses on some selected problems of scattering amplitudes and related topics. The schedule will allow plenty of time to discuss recent problems and challenges in the field.


The workshop will take place May 15-18 in the heart of Prague in the building of the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics of the Czech Technical University in Husova 5. It is located in the Old Town, close to all historical monuments, shops and restaurants.

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Local Organizers

Christoph Bartsch (Charles University), Petr Beneš (Czech Technical University), Karol Kampf (CU), Adam Smetana (CTU), Jaroslav Trnka (CU and UC Davis)       

Invited speakers

Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS, Princeton) 
Emil Bjerrum-Bohr (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen) 
Filip Blaschke (IEAP CTU Prague & Silesian University) 
Jacob Bourjaily (Penn State University) 
Tomas Brauner (University of Stavanger) 
Dmitry Chicherin (Annecy, LAPTH) 
Chris Halcrow (Royal Inst. Tech. Stockholm) 
Johannes Henn (Max Planck Institute, Munich) 
Paul Heslop (Durham University) 
Henrik Johansson (Uppsala University) 
Callum Jones (UCLA) 
David Kosower (IPhT, Saclay and CERN) 
Tomasz Lukowski (University of Hertfordshire) 
Lionel Mason (University of Oxford) 
Jan Plefka (Humboldt University, Berlin) 
Laurentiu Rodina (Queen Mary, London) 
Diederik Roest (University of Groningen) 
Martin Speight (University of Leeds) 
Matthias Staudacher (Humboldt University, Berlin) 
Anastasia Volovich (Brown University) 

Junior researchers talks

Christoph Bartsch (Charles University, Prague)
Taro Brown (University of California, Davis)
Lucile Cangemi (Uppsala University)
Gabriele Dian (DESY)
Felipe Diaz-Jaramillo (Humboldt University, Berlin)
Moritz Kade (Humboldt University, Berlin)
Jianrong Li (University of Vienna)
Julian Miczjaka (Max Planck Institute, Munich)
Umut Oktem (University of California, Davis)
Anders Schreiber (Max Planck Institute, Munich)
Maor Ben Shahar (Uppsala University)
Jonah Stalknecht (University of Hertfordshire)

Husova 5 Prague
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