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DD4hep Developers Meeting



Andre Sailer (CERN), Markus Frank (CERN)

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DD4hep Developers Meeting
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Present: M.Frank, F.Gaede, T.Madlehner, A.Sailer

1) Pending problems


1) Issue 970:  Support for digitization in ddsim: on hold
3) PR 1074. Added several options to ddsim. Fixed OpticalTracker example from C.Dilks.
4) Issue 1072: Enhancement request: Allow etaMin, etaMax bounds in
              Geant4IsotropeGenerator and DDSim/Helper/ enhancement.
       (Partially implemented in PR 1075)
5) Issue 1090: CellID is long long int in DD4hep, but uint64_t in EDM4hep
    accepted: standardize on uint64_t
6) Issue 1091: Repetition of sub-detector consisting of slices of different shapes
7) PR1089: DDG4HepMC3: add optional support for reading compressed files

2)    Closed issues and fixed problems
1) PR1087: Improved plugin documentation: only docs
2) PR1086/Issue1082: HepMC3: use all vertex information to create primary vertices, including time
3) PR1085: Closed without merging. Contained in 1086
4) PR1084: Upgrade DetectorDump. More info printed on request

3) Round table
 Markus:        NTR.
 Frank:           Will merge PR1088 "fix units in Geant4FastSimShowerModel"
 Thomas:       Question: How to implement ATLAS like toroidal magnet.
                       === > need numeric approximation. Otherwise difficult.
                       Otherwise a field-map is needed. Currently not present in DD4hep.
 Andre:          NTR.

4) AOB

Next meeting:  04. May 2023

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