PMMU #30 - Stakeholders Management – Importance, theory and todays struggles.


About the topic

European Spallation Source (ESS) is a multi-disciplinary research facility in Lund (Sweden), currently under installation and commissioning . ESS will be generating neutrons by delivering a 2 GeV proton beam on a solid tungsten target. 
Stakeholder management is one of the key cornerstones of project management in collecting the right requirements and thereby increasing the likelihood of delivering the correct results. 

In addition, in order for the project manager to remove obstacles or mitigate possible obstacles on the way, stakeholder management becomes an irreplaceable tool. 

The talk will cover well established theories on stakeholder management. Many past theories still keep up today and how do we normally approach stakeholder management. The speaker will present thoughts on how additional approaches are also needed in order to reach all stakeholders, with emphasis on the younger generation.

About the speaker

Karen Jonsdottir has joined ESS in 2012 and held various positions.

Currently she is the Head of Design & Engineering Division including Mechanical, Electrical and I&C, Plant & Process and Civil Engineering. Although a Mechanical Engineer by education, 

Karen mainly worked as a Project Manager for the last 25+ years, predominantly within consumer products but also within major shipping industry. She holds a PMP certification. 

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Event organised by the CERN's community of practice dedicated to project management, systems engineering and program management.   
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