PMMU #29 - Deployment and Management of Mechanical Engineering Services at the European Spallation Source ESS


About the topic

European Spallation Source (ESS) is a multi-disciplinary research facility in Lund (Sweden), currently under installation and commissioning . ESS will be generating neutrons by delivering a 2 GeV proton beam on a solid tungsten target. 
The Mechanical Engineering unit provides consolidated design, engineering, and mechanical measurements services at the ESS-wide level, from in-house teams to In-Kind Contributors (IKC).

The talk will focus on the project management practices for generating, deploying and maintaining the centralized mechanical design and engineering services for the different ESS projects, on facility-wide level. 

The strategy and implementation will be presented along with a high-level overview of the ESS CAD model, commonly referred to as single-point-of-truth, as developed and maintained by Nick’s team. This practice has been developed to deliver the Mechanical Function to ESS Operations, in order to achieve the First Science milestone and the future upgrades of the facilities.

About the speaker

Nick Gazis worked at EPFL, CERN and works at ESS since 2014. Nick is the leader of Mechanical Engineering Function that includes Mechanical Section, Engineering Analysis Section and Mechanical Measurements Laboratory (MML). 

Nick has a Master's in Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineering and a PhD in Particle Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics from UGA (FR) and NTUA (GR). 

His expertise lies in the area of Engineering Management at Scientific Research Centers, as well as in Mechanical & Material Engineering and Non-destructive Testing.

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