For this series of twenty lectures, speakers from worldwide laboratories (BNL, CEA, CERN, EPFL, FNAL, IFJ PAN, LBNL, Tampere University) will cover the main aspects of a superconducting magnet test stand (cryogenics systems, power supplies, current leads). A second part will then be dedicated to the design and use of magnet protection systems (high voltage electrical integrity checks, energy extraction, strip heaters, CLIQ, quench detection) with emphasis on the differences between LTS and HTS magnets. The third part will introduce the various measurement techniques related to magnet health monitoring (magnetic, thermal, mechanical behaviors and AC loss). At last, a dedicated talk will introduce the problematic of the protection of large fusion superconducting coils.


Thanks for your participation in the lectures. Guidelines:

• Please stay muted at all times

• To ask questions, raise your hand: the host will give you the floor at the end of the lecture

• Keep your camera on when participating

• Do not use Zoom chat as a channel to ask questions

• Lecture recording will be available on Indico for 4 weeks

• Questions should be sent to lecturer within a timeframe of 4 weeks following the lecture

• Upload of the presentation to Indico is subject to the lecturer's discretion regarding intellectual property rights

• For organizational queries, please contact or

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