DD4hep Developers Meeting



Andre Sailer (CERN), Markus Frank (CERN)

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DD4hep Developers Meeting
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Andre Sailer
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Present:  M.Frank, F.Gaede, T.Madlehner, A.Sailer

1) Pending problems

1) ISSUE970:  Support for digitization in ddsim
                        ==> On hold
2) ISSUE1072: Enhancement request: Allow etaMin, etaMax bounds in
              Geant4IsotropeGenerator and DDSim/Helper/Gun.py enhancement.
       (Partially implemented in PR 1075)
3) ISSUE1090: CellID is long long int in DD4hep, but uint64_t in EDM4hep
    accepted: standardize on uint64_t.
    ===> Investigation has started. Not obvious consequences: also internally confusion inside DD4hep
4) ISSUE1092: Toroidal magnetic field (ATLAS like)
                            ==> Wait for caller
5) ISSUE1101: ddsim: Adjust default output based on compiled format support
                            ==> Wait for caller
6) ISSUE1103:Allow isotrope generator to throw range around specified (reference) direction
                            ==> Wait for caller
7) ISSUE1104: root output of ddsim: how to change
                            ==> Wait for caller
8) PR1089: DDG4HepMC3: add optional support for reading compressed files (Pending)
9) PR1113, PR1112, PR1108 + ISSUE1110 EDM4hep interface issues (Pending, Thomas)
       Issue with key4hep slot.
10) ISSUE1107:  No DD4hep issue.
11) ISSUE1115: MultipoleMagnet quadrupole does not bend charged particles
                             ==> Strange, since we analyzed the field response (which was wrong as well).
12) ISSUE1116:  Change material of the world volume: Need to define world volume himself (supported by compact).
                             ==> Waiting for feedback.
13) ISSUE1117:  New visualization by reference edits alpha value of referenced VisAttr.
                             ==> Suggestion would not solve what he wants to solve. Transparency through parent-daughter relationships)
14) ISSUE1118:  Not DD4hep issue.


2)    Closed issues and fixed problems
1) PR1098 Upgrade MiniTel example to serve as example for issue #1098 (Markus)
2) PR1099 DDCad: test: use newer duck for newer assimp versions; geant4 11.1.1 fix (Andre)
3) PR1100 CMake: update requirement to 3.14 minimum (Andre)
4) PR1105 fix: allow rotation/position transformation on entire CAD_MultiVolume (Wouter)
5) PR1106, ISSUE1102 Put error context into the exception message instead of dumping to std::cout in DetectorImp::getRefChild() (Dmitry Kalinkin)
6) PR1109 Do not use namespace std in Printout.cpp (Paul Gesinger)
7) PR1119 Disable temporarily DDCMS_Geant4_LONGTEST to resolve MR chain (Markus)
    ===> Do not forget to re-enable after fix in key4hep slots)
8) PR1120 Minor improvement to examples (Markus)
9) Issue 1091: Repetition of sub-detector consisting of slices of different shapes
    ===> Not a DD4hep issue

3) Round table
 Markus:        1) Some merge requests are pending due to incompatibilities of the code and the versions of emd4hep / podio in the key4hep slots.
                       2) /cvmfs/sw-nightlies.hsf.org/key4hep/releases/2023-05-30/x86_64-centos7-gcc12.2.0-opt/geant4/11.1.1-dlyegd
                            Something is fishy with this Geant4 build. In this build and only this build an exception occurs in the key4hep stack:                            
Andre:           Try to build with ROOT 6.28.04, c++20, gcc13. Some problems building dictionaries.
Thomas:       Three open MR.  Working on edm4hep output for DDG4.
Frank:            Working on FastSim with machine learning. Want to try for one event to stack the showers.

4) AOB

Next meeting:  15. June 2023

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