DD4hep Developers Meeting



Andre Sailer (CERN), Markus Frank (CERN)

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DD4hep Developers Meeting
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Andre Sailer
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Present: M.Frank, T.Madlehner

1) Pending problems

1) ISSUE970:  Support for digitization in ddsim
                        ==> On hold
2) ISSUE 1010: Changing Geant4 physics flags
                        ==> To be finished by Andre
3) ISSUE 1031: SimHits versus RecHits
                        ==> Close due to inactivity ?           
4) ISSUE1072: Enhancement request: Allow etaMin, etaMax bounds in
              Geant4IsotropeGenerator and DDSim/Helper/Gun.py enhancement.
              (Partially implemented in PR 1075)
5) ISSUE1092: Toroidal magnetic field (ATLAS like)
                            ==> Wait for caller (action: Thomas)
6) ISSUE1101: ddsim: Adjust default output based on compiled format support
                            ==> Wait for caller, Won't fix ?
7) ISSUE1103:Allow isotrope generator to throw range around specified (reference) direction
                            ==> Wait for caller
8) ISSUE1104: root output of ddsim: how to change
                            ==> Wait for caller

Unhandled up to now:
9)   ISSUE 1114: Persist HepMC3 GenRunInfo attributes into metadata tree
10) ISSUE1117:  New visualization by reference edits alpha value of referenced VisAttr.
                             ==> Suggestion would not solve what he wants to solve. Transparency through parent-daughter relationships)
11) ISSUE 1121:  How to check for overlaps when using DDCAD
12) ISSUE  1130: MacOS Ambiguous assignment operator in Geant4Output2EDM4hep.cpp on LCG macOS platforms
13) PR1016:         OpticalSurface example: fix detector driver
                              ==> Pending since November

2)    Closed issues and fixed problems
Main achievement: empty the queue of pending merge requests
1) PR1089: DDG4HepMC3: add optional support for reading compressed files
2) PR1125, ISSUE1090: CellID is long long int in DD4hep, but uint64_t in EDM4hep
    accepted: standardize on uint64_t.
    ===> Investigation has started. Not obvious consequences: also internally confusion inside DD4hep
3) PR1108, PR1113, PR1112, PR1113, PR1124, PR1128 + ISSUE1110
    Various podio/edm4hep issues. 
    Move to podio frame based writing
    Support for event/run parameters saving
4) PR1126: Simplify for users to set the world material
5) PR1129: Exit ddsim with arg: --dumpParameter/dumpSteeringFile

3) Round table
 Markus:        NTR
Thomas:       Problem: Tracker with hits between 2 tracking layers. Path length here is double the sensitive layer depth.

4) AOB

Next meeting:  29. June 2023

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