SPI project meeting



Stefan Roiser (CERN)
The weekly meeting of the Software Process and Infrastructure project of the LCG/AA.
====================================================== Bertrand Bellenot + Actions done and progress - released ROOT v5.15.02 for the usual platforms: osx104_ppc_gcc401, slc3_ia32_gcc323, slc3_ia32_gcc323_dbg, slc4_ia32_gcc34, slc4_ia32_gcc34_dbg, slc4_amd64_gcc34, slc4_amd64_gcc34_dbg, win32_vc71_dbg + Next actions - Nightlies on Windoze ====================================================== Andreas Pfeiffer + Actions done Nightlies - deployed latest version of the scripts, moved config.py into scripts directory (and renamed it configuration.py). - added CMT relevant env-vars to the lcgspi.[c]sh setup scripts for the "test" environment (...sw/lcg/app/spi/tools/test/setup/lcgspi.py). Now a "source" of this is all that's needed to use CMT for the developers. Other: - fixed bug which prevented showing the LCG AA packages in the configuration web page (reported by HubertD) + Next actions - move web stuff from lcgapp1 to lcgapp01 - prepare and move HyperNews to lcgapp02/3 + Problems ~ How can we re-direct the XXX.cern.ch (spi,pool), currently done with lcgapp1 ====================================================== Ian McLaren + Actions done and progress - On holiday last week, but report covers several weeks. - Geant4 - Geant4 testing. - Working groups discussion and planning. - Cernlib - Gfortran/gcc4 libraries are now also available from the - lcg/external/cernlib/2006 area for slc4_ia32_gcc4 and slc4_amd64_gcc4. - Had to rebuild the slc4 paw modules using the shared libshift library - as the previous static version was incompatible with the Castor 2 - client. + Next actions - Geant4 - Geant4 testing. - Testing and preparation for the geant4.8.2.p01 release this week. + Problems & AOB - Cernlib on the new lxplus (lx64slc4) caused considerable confusion and I - was involved in helping users. - A problem with the ROOT interface to hbook was caused by lxplus - returning a 64-bit result from a Fortran function called from gcc/g++. - I also sent a brief comment on my current understanding of the various - Fortran options to C5. ====================================================== Yves Perrin + Actions done and progress - was away last week - working on the tracker 'export' reported by Joachim Flammer (one already solved, the other should be fixed by the end of the day) - helping a user who unsubscribed to Savannah but keeps being reminded about a task he never completed (investigating a possible bug though the solution is to complete/close the task) + Next actions - upgrade my Windows system from Win2000 to XP (delayed until my work for PHYSTAT is finished ... soon) - install and get familiar with the Canoo WebTest package in view of using it to develop a savannah QA test suite. ~ Will start making a survey of the "old" SPI pages, "new" SPI Twiki pages and Wiki features ====================================================== Stefan Roiser + Actions done - Move more SPI web pages to Wiki - Setting up a new instance of windows nightly builds on PCPHSFT15 - I would like to set it up without cygwin (except maybe for the ROOT build) - More sw installations required (cvs, putty, ....) - This machine is used only for testing, and to see what is the minimal configuration for the final build machine + Next actions - Nightlies on windows - Move remaining services from lcagpp1 to lcgapp02 - Prepare lcgapp02/03 for new hypernews installation + Problems - The installation for dcache_client was not correct. The dirs in one level down from the bin-dir had no rx flags set for group/others Fixed, tarball re-done. - removed typos in externals/distribution externals/distNew2 *gc3*.tar.gz ======================================================
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