SPI project meeting

32-SC-22 (Bldg 32)


Bldg 32

Stefan Roiser (CERN)
The weekly meeting of the Software Process and Infrastructure project of the LCG/AA.
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========================================================= Yves Perrin + Actions done and progress - fixed the bugs reported by Joachim Flammer concerning the savannah 'export' functionnality (waiting for Joachim's feedback) - went through twiki authoring and use of templates to help with the update / reorganization of the SPI web and wiki pages - went through the httpd conf files on all lcgapp1,2,3 servers (SFT/LCG owned) and on all lcgapp01, 02, 03 servers (IT owned, SFT rented) and produced a report to prepare for cleanup and service re-dispatching - had one iteration with Kyle Cranmer who will take over the development of the PHYSTAT workshop website. I made several suggestions and I wait for his reply. If we agree my involvement will terminate. - A user keeps receiving savannah reminders though the conditions for such reminders are no longer met and his registration has been deactivated ... to be investigated - upgrading my Windows system to XP + Next actions - SPI web and wiki pages re-organization with Stefan ========================================================= Ian McLaren + Actions done and progress - Geant4 - Built and installed Geant4 8.2.p02 patch releases for slc3_ia32_gcc323, - slc4_ia32_gcc34 and slc4_amd64_gcc34 in the lcg area and for sol8_cc55 - in the Geant4 area. - Built the libraries tar files for the Geant4 WEB distributions for - slc4_ia32_gcc34 and sol8_CC55. - Geant4 testing. + Next actions - Geant4 - Geant4 testing. - Testing and preparation for geant4.8.2.ref02 release this week. + Problems & AOB ========================================================= Stefan Roiser + Actions done and progress - Setting up pcphsft15 for windows nightly builds. - Various fixes to LCGCMT - lfc, SEAL, LCG_Configuration - Producing several tar balls, LCGCMT, HepPDT, root - Installation areas prepared for java (will be done by J. Hrivnac) - Try to find a box with AMD chipset, apparently only a few batch nodes run AMD chips - Desktop forum - Changes to nightly build system (web page generation) + Next actions - Hand over pcphsft15 to Bertrand to - Continue with web-page reorgansiation
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