8-13 August 2011
Rhode Island Convention Center
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Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in H->ZZ decay channels with the ATLAS detector

Aug 9, 2011, 2:00 PM
555 (Rhode Island Convention Center)


Rhode Island Convention Center

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G Carrillo Montoya (Department of Physics-University of Wisconsin)


The SM Higgs boson in the medium and high mass ranges has a large branching ratio for decays to a pair of neutral weak bosons. Three decay modes of the Z boson pair have been explored by ATLAS. One Z is typically produced on-shell, which can be tagged using leptonic decay products. The decay of the second Z(*) leads to three independent search channels: llqq, llvv and llll. Background compositions and topologies differ among these channels. The llqq search can use jet information to reduce top and Z+jets backgrounds; the llvv search requires a good understanding of missing transverse energy, while the 4 lepton ('golden') channel is almost background-free and, owing to its low production rate, needs excellent lepton efficiencies in order to be sensitive. This talk summarizes results in all three H->ZZ channels using data collected in 2011.

Primary author

G Carrillo Montoya (Department of Physics-University of Wisconsin)

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