This is the follow-on workshop after the successful event at GSI last June (2010). These workshops investigate how we can improve the High Level Trigger of modern detectors, especially those built for heavy-ion interactions by adapting the software to modern CPUs/GPUs. The draft agenda is now available in the timetable section!

Free registration is open. If you need an invitation letter please contact
IT Auditorium


The workshop will take place in building 31, in the IT Auditorium (a map can be found here). A shuttle is operating on the CERN site, please consult the timetable for more information.

Information on how to reach CERN can be found at the following web page. Please note that visitors will need a badge to get onto the CERN campus. (If you are not already registered at CERN, please remember to tick the visitor's card box when registering for the workshop). Visitor cards will be available in the CERN reception (buildning 33) the day of your arrival.

If you need to book accomodation for your stay, there are various options. One option is to stay at the CERN hostel which offers very basic rooms with shower and WC on the CERN campus. Please make sure you book early, as the hostel is often fully booked months in advance.

A list of hotels offering preferential rates to CERN in neighbouring France and around Geneva can be found here and the team managing the CERN hostel can help you book a room in one of those (feel free to contact them by email or by phone to do so). A full list of hotels in Geneva can be found at the Geneva tourism web page. Please note that hotels on the French side of the boarder are easiest reached by car as public transport is scarce.

To obtain a wireless access during your stay, you need to register your laptop. Please go to the following web page . The contact person should be Sverre Jarp (IT-DI).

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