Nov 8 – 10, 2023
Europe/Zurich timezone

How to get to CERN

With CERN Airport Shuttle (see timetable below)

Public transport

Free tickets for public transport can be printed from ticket machines located at the exits from the baggage claim area. This ticket entitles you to a free ride on buses, trams and trains in the "Tout Genève" (which covers CERN) region for a period of 80 minutes, when produce along with your flight ticket or boarding pass (into Geneva).

Please note that once you are out of the baggage claim area, you cannot go back in to print a free ticket. Tickets can also be bought at the machines located at the bus stops or on the way to the train station located in the airport ("tout Genève" button on the ticket machine (3.00CHF), cards accepted).

Bus stops: Once in the arrivals meeting area, turn right and walk to the end of the terminal (signposted P51), past the post office, Montreux Jazz cafe and the car rental desks. Exit the building and cross the coach drop-off area to find the bus stop for buses 23, 28, 56 and 57 going downhill.

Bus 57 direction 'Gare de Meyrin' (get off at 'Blandonnet') + tram 18 direction 'CERN'

Bus 56 direction Meyrin, Hôpital de la Tour (get off at ‘Blandonnet’ + tram 18 direction ‘CERN’)

Bus 28 direction 'Parfumerie' (get off at 'Blandonnet') + tram 18 direction 'CERN'

Bus 23 direction 'ZIPLO' (get off at 'Blandonnet') + tram 18 direction 'CERN'


Please check the tpg public transport timetable (link is external) before travelling.


Taxis wait outside the Arrival’s terminal. The average cost of a ride from the airport to CERN is between 30 and 40 CHFs. AA Genève Central Taxi: 0041.22.320.2202

CERN is on 385, Route de Meyrin. Ask to go to entrance B (entrée B). Building 55, where you will get your External or Visitor badge if you have not already printed it, is located next to the gate at entrance B.

Please note that students’ taxi travels are never reimbursed. For guest lecturers: please note that CERN only reimburses taxi travels outside of the operating hours of the CERN shuttle and public transport, or in special circumstances. In these cases, you will need to clarify with your CERN contact person beforehand if special circumstances are met, AND fill in the justification in your claim. If the the use of taxi is deemed justified, please remember to bring the original taxi receipt from your way to CERN and hand it over to IdeaSquare staff. Special taxi vouchers can be provided if the journey begins or ends at CERN. 

By private vehicle

When the traveller uses his own means of transport (e.g private car), and if this has been approved by Markus Nordberg and CERN Staff, CERN will pay value of the cheapest ticket available on public transport, taking account of the journey time.  

The CERN mobility centre parking place, next to GLOBE and very close to IdeaSquare, can be accessed and exited once per day without a parking permit. If you need to drive your car all the way to IdeaSquare parking lot or need to enter and exit several times during a day, contact your IdeaSquare contact person. This can normally be done with a Visitor badge during 7.30am and 6.30pm, and you can exit even after 6.30pm by using the intercom at the gate to call the guards to open the gate for you.