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Experimental Particle and Astro-Particle Physics Seminar

Stefanos Leontsinis (University of Zurich (CH))

Abstract: The CMS Pixel Tracker detector is the innermost part of the CMS tracking system, specifically designed to precisely determine the trajectory of charged particles or tracks. Following an extensive refurbishment during the Long Shutdown 2 of the LHC, necessary to address issues encountered during Run 2, the refurbished Pixel Tracker detector was reinstalled in CMS in June 2021. It then underwent a commissioning phase before the beginning of Run 3. Since July 2022, the detector is successfully participating in the Run 3 data-taking, collecting 67.4 fb^{-1} of proton proton collisions at 13.6 TeV and 1.9 nb^{-1} of lead-lead collisions at 5.36 TeV. The performance of the Pixel Tracker detector is monitored closely with frequent calibrations to assess degradation due to radiation damage. Despite the challenging conditions of Run 3, the detector continues to deliver high-quality data for physics analysis. This talk will summarize the preliminary performance results of the CMS Pixel Tracker detector during Run 3 and the challenges faced in operations.


    • 2:00 PM 3:00 PM
      The CMS Pixel Tracker detector: performance and operational challenges in Run3 1h
      Speaker: Giulia Negro (Purdue University (US))