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TH Journal Club on Strings & QFT

Non-invertible symmetries along 4d RG flows

by Dr Luigi Tizzano (ULB)

4/2-037 - TH meeting room (CERN)

4/2-037 - TH meeting room


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I will present novel examples of RG flows that preserve a non-invertible duality symmetry, with a primary focus on N=1 quadratic superpotential deformations of N=4 SYM. A famous theory that can be obtained in this way is N = 1* SYM, where all adjoint chiral multiplets possess a finite mass term. This IR theory exhibits a a rich structure of vacua that I will describe. Through this analysis, I will elucidate the physics underlying spontaneous duality symmetry breaking which occurs in the degenerate gapped vacua. Finally, I will briefly comment on various generalizations of these ideas for RG flows resulting in gapless IR theories.