IoP HEPP Half-Day Meeting: Top quark physics

School of Physics ("G.O. Jones" building), G.O. Jones Lecture Theatre (Queen Mary, University of London)

School of Physics ("G.O. Jones" building), G.O. Jones Lecture Theatre

Queen Mary, University of London

Mile End Road, E1 4NS, London (UK)
The meeting aims to bring together the HEP community and top quark physicists in the UK for a review of recent measurements in the top quark sector from the Tevatron and the LHC experiments, with a particular emphasis on the potential for new physics searches with top events. Topics include: top in the Standard Model, measurements of top production and properties, FB asymmetry, SUSY corrections to single top, resonant and non-resonant new physics with top signatures, and boosted top techniques.
  • Adrian Signer
  • Akram Khan
  • Ben Allanach
  • Chris Hawkes
  • Daniel Traynor
  • David J Miller
  • Eram Rizvi
  • Fabio Maltoni
  • Federico Colecchia
  • Giacomo Snidero
  • Giuseppe Salamanna
  • Greg Heath
  • Jacobo Blanco
  • Joel Alexander Klinger
  • Lucio Cerrito
  • Mads Toudal Frandsen
  • Marcella Bona
  • Mark Owen
  • Matilde Castanheira
  • Matthew Rose
  • Muge Karagoz
  • Peter Hobson
  • Philip Symonds
  • Robert Hickling
  • Robin Long
  • Simon Head
  • Stefano Moretti
  • Steve Lloyd
  • Thomas Mclaughlan
  • Thomas Neep
  • Veronique Boisvert
  • Yvonne Peters
Lucio Cerrito