PERIIA Virtual General Assembly


Following the approval of the PERIIA Working Programme in Granada 2022, it has been decided to organise a virtual PERIIA General Assembly as a preparation of the next in person PERIIA General Assembly that will take place in Trieste in October 2024. 


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PERIIA Virtual General Assembly
Eleonora Getsova
    • 1
      Introduction of PERIIA activities
      • Welcome Belén and Christian
      • Work programme 2023-24 ALL ( Each responsible will explain the planned activities)
      • Webinar I outcome – Nikolaj
      • Relationship with other stakeholders Belén and Christian
      • PERIIA Legal status - Laurent and Christian
    • 2
    • 3
      PERIIA Website - Fredrik
    • 4
      PERIIA Membership and Ukraine initiative - Michel
    • 5
      PERIIA Support to BSBF activities
      • BSBF introduction Paolo
      • SME Track Belen
      • Moderators selection Michel
      • Call for ABSOs Paolo
      • Call for next organisers- PERIIA suggestions Michel and Christian
      • WBS novelties Belén
    • 6
      Panel debate of Big Science ILOs network chairs: Consolidation of Big Science Common Market
      • CERN by Jan VISSER (Chair CERN ILO Forum, NL)
      • ESO by Mitchel Hübner (ESO ILO Network, Switzerland)
      • ESS by Carol WATTS (Chair ESS ILO Network, UK)
      • Fusion for Energy, ITER by Soren KORSHOLM (Chair F4E ILO Network, DK)

      - Consolidation of Big Science Common market
      - Sustainability on Big Science
      - Innovation procurement on Big Science and PPP initiatives
      - How to improve the interaction between PERIIA and Big Science ILOs network chairs ?
      Moderator: Laurent