- How many published amplitude analyses are reproducible from papers? 

 - Is code of published analyses available? Is it still runnable?

If you worry that the answers are <10%; No; No consider attending the workshop and contributing to the discussion.


Zoom link: 69998247232


A focused workshop discussing the implementation of open data and the presentation of analyses for hadron spectroscopy that includes the amplitude models, partial-wave decomposition, and complex modelling. 

Workshop Focus:

Tools and Methods in HEP for Model Preservation: A discussion on the various available tools for data analysis in HEP, considering their application and accessibility. We will discuss specific tools like RIVET, while the session will also encompass a broader scope of methodologies.

- Best Practices in open science domain: Insights into effective strategies for open access to large data samples and complex models will be discussed, highlighting the importance of clear interfaces and easy data visualization for the wider HEP community.


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minutes and discussion in codimd: https://codimd.web.cern.ch/s/h9EiKCeMR