Nuclear forces, ab initio, and phenomenology

by Prof. Alexandros Gezerlis (University of Guelph)


The interplay of nuclear forces and many-body theory is an exciting frontier topic of research. In this talk, I will start out with some large-scale comments about the status of modern nuclear theory. I will then discuss our recent work on fusing many-body perturbation theory and an ab initio nuclear many-body method. Specifically, I will show results of an order-by-order convergence for chiral effective field theory interactions implemented in quantum Monte Carlo at second order. Another topic I will touch upon is the interface between ab initio and phenomenological studies of nuclear many-body systems. The specific example will be superfluidity in neutron matter and heavy nuclei, but the takeaways are intended to be more general.


The Colloquium will be held in hybrid format, 

with physical presence in the Seminar Room of the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics, NCSR Demokritos

and Videoconference via