This workshop aims to tackle the challenges that we face in view of the anticipated precision from the experiments by facilitating a fruitful exchange between the communities of Resummation, Amplitudes, and Subtractions. The themes of the workshop are:

  • Fully differential calculations at NNLO and beyond: local and non-local subtractions.   
  • Amplitudes and multiloop techniques for EFT ingredients: resummation beyond NNLL and N3LO counterterms.   
  • Going beyond Leading Power: improving subtraction methods with analytic power corrections and Resummation at subleading power.

Organising committee:

  • Samuel Abreu (CERN)
  • Alexander Huss (CERN)
  • Stefan Kallweit (UZH)
  • Michelangelo Mangano (CERN)
  • Pier Monni (CERN)
  • Chiara Signorile–Signorile (MPI)
  • Melissa van Beekveld (Nikhef)
  • Gherardo Vita (CERN)
  • Hua-Xing Zhu (Beijing)
4/3-006 - TH Conference Room
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