Apr 19 – 22, 2024
Peking University
Asia/Shanghai timezone

兹定于2024年4月19日至4月22日(4月19日周五注册、4月20-21日学术报告及海报,4月22日自由讨论)在北京大学物理学院召开“高亮度和高精度前沿缪子物理研讨会”:https://indico.cern.ch/event/1356341/ 。 诚邀各位同行踊跃参加此次学术交流。会议由北京大学、上海交通大学、中国科学技术大学、中国科学院高能物理研究所、中国科学院理论物理研究所、中国科学院近代物理研究所、南京大学、先进能源科学与技术广东省实验室和中山大学联合主办,北京大学核物理与核技术国家重点实验室协办得到南方核科学理论研究中心、北京大学高能物理中心北京大学核物理与核技术国家重点实验室等单位资助。研讨会主题包括:未来强流加速器研究、缪子源研究、缪子基本性质精确测量、缪子衰变稀有过程寻找、缪子应用技术、缪子理论、未来实验及缪子对撞机等。本次会议不收取注册费,食宿自理。

直播链接(Broadcast link):https://www.koushare.com/lives/room/114509

The MIP 2024 workshop (Registration on April 19,  talks and posters on April 20-21, and free discussions on April 22) offers a welcoming environment for physicists interested in muon physics and its applications, inviting both experimental and theoretical communities to come together and share their latest findings. This workshop aims to facilitate discussions on ongoing and proposed experiments, as well as to encourage participants to consider future possibilities.

Designed to promote thoughtful conversations and the exchange of ideas, the workshop provides a fresh perspective on muon-based experiments. This collaborative atmosphere ensures that all attendees have the opportunity to contribute to and learn from the collective knowledge of their peers.

Hosted at the Peking University, the MIP 2024 workshop is an on-site event that welcomes all who share a passion for muon physics. Join us at PKU, where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts and further your understanding of this fascinating field.  There is no registration fee for this workshop, and participants are responsible for their own food and accomodation fares.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

1. Muon Sources R&D
2. Muon Precision Measurements
3. Muon Rare Process Searches
4. Muon Applications
5. Theoretical Muon Physics
6. Future Experiments and Muon Colliders