GF SPS-POP meeting



GF SPS-POP meeting
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Yann Dutheil
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Present: D. Budker, Y. Dutheil, P. Kruyt, A. Martens, G. Mazzola

  • Dmitry reported that Andrei Surzhykov secured support for simulations on the gamma factory physics aspect.
  • R2E:
    • Giuseppe made an IPAC paper on his work on the GF
    • an internal note to summarize the results is in preparation
  • The installation of the pillar is still planned for the YETS24/25, and document approvals are ongoing at CERN.
  • Witek, Jan Richter, Jan Gilles and Andrey Surzhykov are finalising their paper on the control of resonnant scatering process using external magnetic fieds
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    • 11:00 AM 11:20 AM
      Status & Updates 20m
      Speakers: Aurelien Martens (Université Paris-Saclay (FR)), Mieczyslaw Witold Krasny (LPNHE, Sorbonne University, Paris, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR) and CERN), Yann Dutheil (CERN)