March 1, 2024
Purdue University
US/Eastern timezone

Heterogeneous computing is becoming increasingly important for efficient scientific computing. Portable and scalable computing paradigms are in demand to leverage acceleration hardware at distributed data centers and High-Performance Computing centers. This is a one-day in-person and virtual (zoom) mini-workshop to discuss the heterogeneous computing ‘as-a-service’ solution. The workshop starts with an overview of heterogeneous computing ‘as-a-service’ enabled by SONIC in particle/astroparticle physics, and astrophysics experiments such as ATLAS and CMS, DUNE, LIGO, and IceCube. We also aim to discuss 'inference-as-a-service' server support development with industry partners such as NVIDIA Triton, Google TPU, and AMD. We also plan to have dedicated discussions on SONIC integration status in offline computing in CMS, as well as plans to extend SONIC to real-time processing of ATLAS and CMS data

Purdue University
Convergence Center, "Discovery" conference room (access through lobby on ground floor) 101 Foundry Dr, West Lafayette, IN 47906
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