Jul 17 – 19, 2024
Asia/Hong_Kong timezone

Perturbatively Confined Phase of QCD under Imaginary Rotation

Jul 17, 2024, 9:45 AM


Oral presentation


Prof. Kenji Fukushima (The University of Tokyo)


In this talk, I will report our recent achievements based on refs. [1,2]. Below are highlights from our results.

Perturbative Confinement under Imaginary Rotation
We perturbatively calculated the Polyakov loop potential at high $T$ with imaginary angular velocity. Under the rapid imaginary rotation, the potential favors zero Polyakov loop, i.e. confinement. In ref. [1], we found a phase transition to confinement around $\omega/T=i\pi/2$. Furthermore, we argued that this perturbatively confined phase can be smoothly connected to the hadronic phase.

Chiral Symmetry Breaking
In ref. [2], we introduced fermions and investigated the chiral phase transition. Our results show the spontaneous breaking of chiral symmetry in our previously found confined phase with imaginary angular velocity for any high $T$.

In ref. [2], we also showed that the Polyakov loop potential exhibits an inhomogeneous distribution of the Polyakov loop. There should appear a spatial interface separating the confined phase and the deconfined phase in imaginary rotating systems. Although the analytical continuation to real rotation has some subtle points, the inhomogeneity can presumably persist in real rotating systems.

[1] S. Chen, K. Fukushima, and Y. Shimada, Phys.Rev.Lett. 129 (2022)
[2] S. Chen, K. Fukushima, and Y. Shimada, arXiv:2404.00965

Primary author


Prof. Kenji Fukushima (The University of Tokyo) Dr Shi Chen (University of Minnesota)

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