The 20th International Conference on QCD in Extreme Conditions (XQCD 2024)




The 20th International Conference on QCD in Extreme Conditions (XQCD 2024) will be hosted by the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Lanzhou, China, from July 17 to July 19 , 2024.

XQCD is a series of international workshop-style conferences, held annually, covering recent advances in the theory and phenomenology of QCD under extreme conditions of temperature and/or baryon density, together with related topics.

Accompanying the XQCD 2024 will take place in the 2024 XQCD PhD school from July. 14th to July. 16th, 2024.


(Photo credit, Haibo Yuan from IMP)

Invited speakers:

Kirill Boguslavski - University of Vienna (Austria)

Sophia Han - T.D.Lee Institute (China)

Fabian Rennecke - Giessen University (Germany)

Vladimir Skokov - North Carolina State University (U.S.)

Nu Xu - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (U.S.)

Naoki Yamamoto -Keio University (Japan)

Registration fee: 1200 RMB (around 154 Euros) covering lunches, coffee breaks, and conference dinner. Fee can be paid via international credit/Alipay/Wechat/bank transfer through the link in the registration form.

Important dates:

Abstract submission Deadline: May 20nd, 2024
Notification of acceptance of talk:  by June 1st,  2024
Registration Deadline: June 15th, 2024


Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Lanzhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Particle Physics, Central China Normal University (CCNU)

Department of Modern Physics, University of Science and Technology, China (USTC) 

  • Andreas Geissel
  • Fabian Rennecke
  • Guang-You Qin
  • Hao-Lei Chen
  • Johannes Pöplau
  • Kazuya Mameda
  • Kenji Fukushima
  • Kirill Boguslavski
  • Shu Lin
  • Shuzhe SHI
  • Sipaz Sharma
  • Toru Kojo
  • Wei-jie Fu
  • Wei-Ping Huang
  • Xu-Guang Huang
  • Yong-rui Chen
  • Yu Zhang
  • +19
  • Wednesday, July 17
    • 9:00 AM 9:45 AM
      Planery 1 45m